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About RushCard
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What We Believe

Today there are more than 68 million Americans who cannot or choose not to establish a traditional banking relationship. We believe that every American should have access to an affordable place to keep their hard-earned money – one that’s safe and convenient. Our goal is to provide people with the financial services and tools that will help them get ahead.

How We Operate

RushCard was born with a mission: to empower members through products and services that enhance their financial lives. During the past 10 years we’ve developed a core set of operating principles that guides us and helps us stay true to that mission:

  • Honor the diverse needs of our customers.
  • Help our customers make smart financial decisions.
  • Be a tool for getting ahead.
  • Do what’s right for the customer, always.
  • Earn and reinforce our customers’ trust.

What We Do

RushCard has been around longer than most prepaid cards. During our 10-year history we established a long list of firsts:

  • One of the first prepaid cards to offer Direct Deposit.
  • One of the first prepaid cards to offer check-writing capabilities to its members.
  • One of the first prepaid cards to offer cash loading at more than 35,000 MoneyGram® locations, nationwide.
  • One of the first prepaid cards to offer comprehensive Online Money Tools that make it easier to track balances, create monthly budgets, and analyze spending.

At RushCard we continually listen, learn, and try to improve. It’s why this list of firsts won’t be our last.

Who We Are

When Russell began RushCard more than 10 years ago it revolutionized the payments industry. Suddenly, those that found themselves left behind by traditional banks found an on-ramp to better financial services. Russell inspired a team of seasoned financial professionals to join him. People with big bank experience, but who were dedicated to making Russell’s vision a reality.

Today, RushCard is still owned by Russell’s company, UniRush, LLC.

We’re proud to partner with The Bancorp Bank and Visa. Together, we will continue to be advocates for our members, and provide them with a safe-haven within the financial industry.